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I have been known to use that very scary word Terroir, and while I do think the word and concept is applicable to wine, it is too highbrow and scary to the average wine user.  So I would much prefer to talk about grapes and places, I think this is something ‘average wine user’ can wrap their head around without thinking oh you wine nerds.

Scouring the internet and the real world, I gravitate to wine people who think like I do – great wine comes from someplace that I can visit and walk through.  I guess I could visit Modesto (home to Gallo’s many brands including Barefoot) or Riverina (home to Yellowtail), but I don’t believe that seeing the vast vineyards and giant tanks of juice holders will make me salivate for a taste of great wine. But visiting Rioja Alvesa home to Remelluri should make me dream of tasting great wine especially after Telmo is done re-making it in his vision of place.

I really want to commend Tyler (aka Dr. Vino) for offering Telmo a spot to spread his gospel and I hope that all wine drinkers take a minute to read the short posting on Telmo’s recent meeting with Tyler in NYC.  If you only have a second please just remember this quote by Telmo’s Importer, Andre Tamers: “This is the way that Spain has to move forward: away from brands and toward the land.”