In October 2011, I posted a hand drawn map that I used for my curriculum in a classroom where I could only reach a few dozen industry students at a time.  Since that time, I’ve chosen to move my business under the umbrella to work with partners who are some of the most successful direct markets in the world.  While they are excited to bring “noble winemakers” direct contact with their adoring public, I am excited to have the opportunity to improve the wine knowledge of new students across seven nations.

My original post showed a type of map that I’ve used as support for my wine seminars since the late 1990’s.  I have always dreamed of a more accurate and digital way to teach about “grapes & places”.

Thanks to our team at  all of my teaching’s are becoming digitized and integrated into a fascinating new way to learn and source wine.

Here’s a quick preview of what that map would have looked like if it was part of our new way of teaching: